A commitment to sustainable business

Today more than ever, we’re focused on identifying risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Our 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report provides an overview of the areas we’re prioritizing as we spearhead the development of Safehold (NYSE: SAFE) and reflects our five key business principles: innovation, leadership, trust, commitment to investors, and passion for what we do.

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Corporate Sustainability Policy Summary

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Vendor Code of Conduct

Materiality Matrix

Sustain- ability

Protecting our future

As the investment manager of Safehold, we consider a 99-year time horizon in virtually all ground leases—meaning we must think about the long-term health of people, communities and the environment
when making investment decisions.

Additionally, we seek to have a positive environmental impact on our key development projects. We monitor global climate trends and are dedicated to building climate-resilient infrastructure and communities.


Supporting our people and our communities

Our business is our people. We understand we can’t achieve our goals without a talented, diverse and fully engaged workforce. From fundamental health and wellness programs to diversity and inclusion efforts, we seek to provide opportunities for growth for all our employees.

We’re also committed to positive community relations and engaging with the local communities within which we operate to ensure their priorities are heard and to enhance community well-being.


Maintaining rigorous standards

We have structured our corporate governance in a manner which we believe closely aligns our interests with those of our stockholders. Our approach to governance is guided by our investment, financing and corporate governance policies—including conflicts of interest policies—that are managed under the ultimate supervision of our board of directors.


A new era of long-term growth

Our vision for a bright, sustainable future includes building a leadership position in a large and untapped market that can make commercial real estate more efficient. Creating the modern ground lease industry has set us on the path to realizing this aspirational vision.

In parallel, we intend to apply our skills, business acumen and creativity to pioneering a new approach to ESG that fits our unique business model while improving people’s lives and sustaining our planet.

View Corporate Sustainability Report

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