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Real estate finance

iStar’s tradition of innovation began in the real estate finance space over 25 years ago. We’ve long believed that we can help entrepreneurial-minded customers by creating financial structures that are best suited to meet their business needs.

It’s in our DNA to think creatively, help unlock value and create win-win solutions. Our decades of experience and multi-platform skill set enable us to create unique solutions that maximize value for customers. We pride ourselves on integrity and treating our borrowers the way we want to be treated.

SAFE x STAR One-Stop Capital Program

iStar’s creative financing capabilities combined with a Safehold™ ground lease provide a one-stop capital solution that delivers a better, more efficient capital structure to the market. We believe there are meaningful opportunities for iStar to deploy capital synergistically with Safehold in proprietary off-market opportunities where we can generate excess returns.

432 Park
One Palm

Net lease

iStar has conceived and completed over $7.5 billion of net lease transactions across office, industrial, retail, hotel, entertainment and other property types. We are currently focused on deploying equity in the net lease sector in addition to our core focus on reinventing the ground lease sector. The combination of Safehold’s modern ground lease capital solution and our expertise in net lease opens doors to off-market net lease opportunities.

We target corporate customers with mission-critical facilities, marshaling our in-house capabilities in acquisitions, sale-leaseback and build-to-suit construction across all property types as we seek out attractive risk-adjusted opportunities. When a net lease can be combined with a Safehold™ ground lease, the returns can be quite compelling.

Domain Tower
570 Washington
re- imag ined

Development assets

Reimagined commercial and residential assets have historically formed the core of iStar’s operating properties portfolio, while our land business has focused on transforming bare spaces into unique places—reimagining landscapes and cityscapes, breaking new ground with state of the art designs and development of sustainable communities. We have deep expertise unlocking value through repositioning, inventive redesign, the infusion of capital, and intensive asset management efforts.

While we are in the process of monetizing most of our developmental portfolio as part of a dedicated focus on expanding the ground lease sector, there are three assets with a longer-term time horizon. Owning, operating and revitalizing such developments continues to be the best way to capture their value for shareholders.

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