At iStar, we bring new ways of thinking to real estate investment. We seek the white space beyond commodity capital, using uncommon insights to create original solutions in the pursuit of strong risk-adjusted returns.



We tailor investment capital to high-end private and corporate owners of real estate and invest directly across a range of real estate sectors. We target areas where our core strengths differentiate iStar.



iStar is an adaptive investment REIT—financing, investing in and developing stand-out properties. Contrarian and adaptable, we do not limit ourselves to particular property types or geographies or habits of thought. We think through the possibilities to see where and how our skills can unleash intrinsic value.


We are true to our word and do right by our lenders, our borrowers, our partners and the communities in which we work and help to shape. Our people strive to deliver not just a thoughtful solution, but an experience clients and partners trust and want to replicate time and time again.



We have built a fully-integrated platform to take advantage of our unusual range of in-house resources. We bring a comprehensive set of skills to every transaction, from sourcing, structuring and servicing debt and equity investments to asset management, design and construction to capital markets and legal. We seek long-term relationships and our customers know we can respond creatively when markets change or an interesting opportunity appears.


When we consider new investments to choose from or when we evaluate current holdings, we have every discipline at the table. We use our Six Point MethodologySM on each deal to examine: why iStar; real estate; sponsorship; structure/control; comparison to alternative uses of capital; and, liquidity. We are always thinking about the most efficient use of our capital.


We have great appetite for information. Our diverse portfolio gives us invaluable data and insights into where various real estate markets are going, what is being mispriced in the marketplace and where we believe great value can be found and realized.