After more than 25 years in the business and over $40 billion of investment transactions, we have experienced our share of success and learned from our challenges. Our seasoned management team has led iStar through several business cycles and averages over 25 years of industry experience.

  • iStar 1.0

    A new concept to create a high-end, premium financing source in the real estate space
    —Flexible and opportunity driven
    —Integrated skills across markets
    —Innovative loan structures
    —Focused on top 5%–10% of market

  • iStar 2.0

    Tacked away from newly formed competitors
    —Listed on NYSE
    —Created largest equity base combined with unsecured, investment grade balance sheet
    —Extended duration through large net lease platform
    —Pursued contrarian investments

  • iStar 2.5

    Sought to avoid CDO-enabled competition
    —Focused on short-term investments funded with long-term capital to position for market correction
    —Acquired Fremont’s $10 billion short-term commercial real estate loan portfolio at a discount
    —Financial crisis prevented execution of long-term financing plan
    —Sizable liquidity driven asset sales

  • iStar 3.0

    New trajectory
    —Broader capabilities and renewed growth
    —Finding the white space in the market
    —Defining the “Adaptive Investment REIT”