A history of groundbreaking innovation

$40 billion and 25 years of experience identifying market inefficiencies and delivering value-enhancing solutions to address them

Ground breaking

25 years of solving inefficiencies

We’ve long recognized that the capital markets, corporate credit markets and real estate markets are all just different sides of the same coin, yet they don’t always operate as efficiently as they should. Our business has always been about understanding where the inefficiencies lie and where gaps in the market exist—creating solutions to help fill those gaps.

Innovation in mezzanine and structured finance

A new concept to create a high-end, premium financing source in the real estate space. Pioneered the adoption of mezzanine capital in the real estate markets.

A new net lease paradigm

Taking a different approach to net lease and valuing each of its embedded components separately (real estate, corporate credit, capital market derivatives) enabled iStar to acquire the largest publicly traded net lease company and enhance its growing platform with an investment grade balance sheet.

Safehold and the ground lease revolution

Safehold IPO'd in June 2017 as the first publicly-traded company focused on revolutionizing real estate ownership by providing a new and better way for owners to unlock the value of the land beneath their buildings. Safehold's portfolio grows to $2.7b in 2019, an 8x increase from IPO.


The next revolution has begun

Our most recent innovation is in many ways our most exciting yet, because it incorporates all the lessons we’ve learned in 25+ years as a real estate lender and owner, and everything we’ve learned in our sale-leaseback business helping corporations become more efficient. We’ve integrated it all together as a solution for the $7 trillion institutional-quality real estate market, and we believe we can fundamentally change the way real estate is owned.


A new structure for a new vision

As the founder, investment manager and largest shareholder of Safehold Inc. (NYSE: SAFE), the first publicly traded company to focus on modern ground leases, iStar is helping create a logical new approach to the way real estate is owned. iStar owns approximately two-thirds of Safehold and is responsible for its strategy and growth, continuing to use its historic strengths in finance and net lease to expand this unique platform.

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